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Feel Confident and Prepared


Deliver results

Being a Great Leader Is Hard Work​

Even the best leaders have to develop new skills to overcome common challenges

Build a strong Team

You want to get out of the weeds but you don’t yet have the team in place to let go

Influence your Peers

You have many more stakeholders to manage and they all have different points of view

Prioritize Your Time

You have a lot on your plate and it’s a challenge to figure out how to best use your time at work and at home

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I’ve Been in Your Shoes and I Can Help​

Andy Porter, Leadership Coach

I know what it’s like to feel the high of getting the leadership role you’ve always wanted and then quickly realizing that the new role is incredibly hard! I’ve been in this position myself several times in my career and it can feel overwhelming and lonely and I know I often wondered if I could be successful. Turns out, I was able to be successful due in part to working with a leadership coach of my own who was instrumental in supporting me as I took on roles with increasing responsibilities.

I’ve also been the person responsible for supporting and developing leaders through my role as Chief People Officer for multiple organizations. I’ve worked with hundreds of leaders in my career and have seen all the traps people fall into, and more importantly, I’ve seen some truly amazing leaders and what they did that made them successful.

I’ll bring all of this experience to the table to help you become a stronger leader.

Signature Coaching Program

Introducing the Leadership Accelerator Program

In my 6 month Leadership Accelerator Coaching Program, I’ll personally guide you as you strengthen your leadership skills and capabilities. We’ll get clear on your leadership superpowers, and areas for development, create a vision for the leader you want to be in this role, map out a plan to get you there, and experiment with new approaches to leading.

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Three Steps to Becoming a Stronger Leader

Free Leadership Consult

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Build a Personalized Leadership Plan

Together we’ll craft a personalized strategy to help you become a stronger leader

Be An Awesome Leader

I’ll be there every step of the way as you begin to experiment and put the plan into action

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