“Being a manager isn’t the real job.”

This is what a person I’m coaching told me recently.

Who by the way, has 5 people reporting to them.

This person told me that managing people is what they do after the “real” job is done.

If there is time.

Which there never seems to be enough of.

When I talked to members of their team, they shared the tell tale signs that being a manager wasn’t a priority.

They didn’t have regular 1:1s
➡ Well, they used to, but the manager always canceled them
➡ There were never any discussions about career development
➡ Or even asking how they were doing outside of the work that had to get done

I told this person that being technically competent is important but that’s not YOUR job anymore. Your job is to get the most out of your people, not ignore them.

I went through this same transition myself, and did many of the things that this manager was doing.

I finally realized what my real job was when during my 1:1s with my boss, they would only ask me about my team.

Which they kept doing until I figured out this was a strategy for me to focus on what was most important.

Managing people is perhaps the toughest – and most important job around. Don’t shortchange it, it is your REAL job.

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