Halloween Edition: Two new leader treats to avoid tricks that annoy your employees

It’s Halloween, so in honor of the day I wanted to share two things that I’ve done as a leader that I thought were “treats” but turned out they were “tricks” and how to avoid them.

➡️ Trick:” Portering” Your Team. Yes, there is a stamp called getting “Portered.” It was given to me by my team when I was leaving a job a few years ago.

What is “Getting Portered?” In my efforts to be transparent, when I got feedback from senior leaders on a project or task, I immediately let my folks know. The problem was….it was often feedback that would send them in a completely new direction, or worse, frustrate them after they did good work. I thought I was helping them. I was not. The term “Getting Portered” grew out of these misguided efforts. There may also be some other definitions of what is means to get “Portered” but we’ll leave that for another post…

➡️Treat: Take a Breath. You may think you’re doing the right thing by giving immediate feedback from above but take a breath. Think about the best way to deliver feedback. Can you time it differently? Do you need to tell people right now, or at all? Can you deliver it in a different way without frustrating people Take a beat and think before you “Porter” your people. You may not get a stamp, but your people will appreciate it.

➡️Trick: Choosing the Wrong Costume.

Here’s what I mean.

As a new leader, I felt that I had to take on a certain appearance to look, well, leader-like. I took the approach of not getting too worked up one way or the other. I thought this was the costume that worked for new leaders. It wasn’t. My “coolness” was sometimes interpreted as not caring, or worse, not paying attention. I wore that leadership costume because I thought that’s what was expected.

➡️Treat: Ditch the Costume. The “treat” here is that you don’t need a costume. You got the leadership role because of certain traits and approaches. Don’t change that. Be true to yourself and your skillset. Don’t wear a costume that makes you something you’re not. You don’t need a costume. Figure out who you are as a leader.

Do you have some new leader “tricks or treats” you’d like to share? Let’s hear them.

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