Has your company culture “jumped the shark?” Would Fonzie recognize the problem? (Youngsters, look it up)

Everyone talks about the importance of culture to their company. But sometimes the desire to have a strong culture  can go too far – here are a few signs that your culture has jumped the shark.

➡ You talk about culture more than you talk about the actual business.
➡ You consistently don’t hire talented people because they “don’t fit the culture.”
➡ You have a person whose job it is to buy company swag.
➡ Your desire to be inclusive ends up suppressing divergent views.
➡ You sometimes wonder if you work for a cult.
➡ You pay consultants to hold focus groups to tell you what you already know about your culture.
➡ You create posters, booklets and websites about the culture and values.

Look, I’m all for strong, supportive cultures. But it’s critical to have your antenna up to know when it’s gone too far and is actually negatively impacting your business.  How? Are people making fun of values? Do people try to force culture and values into discussions?

So what do you do? Ask yourself repeatedly – does this help the business, does this help the business. If the answer is no, or worse, I’m not sure, then it’s probably a waste of time.

What do you think?

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