I have a confession to make…I like Taylor Swift

I have a 12-year-old daughter who listens to music all the time.

I used to dismiss her music as “not good” or “not real music.”

But the truth is, I didn’t really spend any time listening to it or asking my daughter about it. I just decided that I wouldn’t like it.

Then, on a recent weekend, I actually took the time to check out her Spotify playlist. Not surprisingly, almost every song was a Taylor Swift song. I decided to listen to them with her.

Much to my surprise, I actually liked both the music and the messages.

Overnight, I became a Swiftie. Well, almost.

Many of Swift’s songs like “Change” convey positive thoughts on personal development and embracing, yes, change. Others speak to confidence and personal growth.

As “experienced” leaders, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking we have all the answers and discount the ideas and perspectives of the less experienced people on our teams.

I know I’ve fallen into this trap.

Experienced leaders can actually learn a lot by just opening our eyes–and ears–and listening to what younger workers have to say. New approaches, new takes on old issues and new ways of working are good things and we need to learn to embrace them.

We can learn a lot from the next generation. We were all there once ourselves.

Time to Shake It Off and embrace new approaches.

I’ll see you at the next Taylor Swift concert.

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