It’s not you, it’s me

Turns out one of the worst break-up lines is also an important lesson for leaders.

I remember a time when I was getting pretty frustrated with some people on my team. They just weren’t delivering what I wanted.

Meeting after meeting, they’d share what they considered to be progress. All I saw was more wasted time. And more work for me to do to fix their mistakes.

I was getting pretty close to cutting ties with these people. I didn’t have the patience any more.

I was complaining about this to one of my friends over a beer one night and they said:

“I’ve known you for a long time Andy, and you know, sometimes you’re not always the most clear about what you want.”

Lightbulb moment.

What I was really thinking in that moment was, “sh*t, I wonder if I’m the reason why my team isn’t giving me what I want?”

So I asked my team one question: What could I do to better support you?

They told me exactly what my friend told me.

It wasn’t them, it was me.

I share this as a lesson I’ve carried with me and one that I share all the time with leaders I coach.

If you’re having challenges with your team, look in the mirror first. Many times you’ll find that with some changes to YOUR behavior–being clear on what you want is at the top of the list–you can really turn things around.

Coaching Consultation

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