Leadership Lessons from Margaritaville

I never particularly liked #JimmyBuffet’s music.

But a lot of people in my family are real #Parrotheads. They’ve attended Buffet concerts, rented party buses, and love his music and message. My sister even met her husband at a Buffet concert! It was a sad day for these people—and many others–when Buffet recently passed away.

So, what does Jimmy Buffet have to do with leadership? A lot more than a lost shaker of salt.

➡️ Branding Isn’t Just for Companies – Buffett wasn’t just the “son of a son of a sailor”; he was a brand genius. Margaritas, palm trees, chill vibes—he owned it. What’s your leadership brand? Are you the go-to problem solver, the empathetic ear, the innovation guru? Nail it down, be consistent, and you’ll inspire your own flock of “Parrotheads”—though hopefully ones you’d want on your team!

➡️ Embrace Change Like You’d Embrace a Good Beach Party – Buffett started as a folk singer, but one trip to Key West changed his tune and his life. Moral of the story? Don’t be scared to pivot. Feeling stagnant? Mix it up! You might not need to relocate to a tropical paradise (though that sounds nice) but stepping out of your comfort zone can be a career game-changer.

➡️ You Can Have Fun AND be Wildly Successful – Buffett turned tunes into an empire—hotels, books, Broadway shows, you name it. But he never stopped having a blast. Let’s ditch the myth that leadership must be all suit-and-tie serious. Consistency is great, but having fun and being a successful leader aren’t mutually exclusive. You might even find it helps you in your career.

➡️ Your Leadership Playlist – So here’s my pitch: don’t limit your learning to conventional sources. Whether it’s Buffett’s tunes or another unconventional mentor, keep your ears—and mind—open. A change in attitude might just lead to a change in latitude, and who knows, maybe even altitude!

Coaching Consultation

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