One of the biggest sources of complaint in companies is time wasted in meetings.

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, executives spend an average of 23 hours a week in meetings. More than 70% of those executives said that meetings are unproductive and inefficient.

The fact that executives tolerate bad meetings sets the tone for all the other meetings in the company.

It’s time to stop the madness. The next time you’re in a meeting, give it 5 minutes and if it’s going nowhere, get up and leave. It’s the fastest way to send a signal to the meeting owner.

Coaching Consultation

Even the best leaders in the world struggle at times with the weight of the responsibilities of being a leader. You know this too! It’s hard work to balance it all and know what approach is the best one to meet your objectives while being a supportive leader for your team. But the best leaders don’t do it alone – they seek help from experts who can guide them to become the leader they want to be. Now, you can do the same by booking a free consult with me where I’ll help you get on the path to becoming a stronger leader.

Because I hold these calls personally, there are very few spots available, so if you’re serious about growing your business and would like the guidance and support of a trained expert, use the calendar provided to apply for your session now.

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