Sometimes falling flat on your face is exactly what’s needed

I took my daughters skiing last weekend and they were pumped. For the first time this season, we were going to be out in some fresh snow!

It’s also been a challenge for me to figure out how to balance having a 12 year old who can blow me away on the slopes and a 9 year old who is still learning. All while I’m on a snowboard (no comments from the skiing purists please).

We got to a particularly challenging trail and the 12 year old took off.

My other daughter was scared – the trail was steep and in true East Coast fashion, there was some ice. She froze up.

I decided that the best way out of this situation was for me to show her how it’s done. Steep? It’s fine. Icy? Nah, you don’t know what real ice is!

I went about 25 feet and fell.

I was fine but my first thought was “oh crap, she’s never going to go down now…we’re gonna be walking down.”

As I dusted myself off, she skied right past me.

Uh, ok…

When we got to the bottom, I asked her why she decided to go.

She said “when I saw you fall and get up, I knew it would be ok if I fell too so I just went for it.”

Turns out, she had the skills, she was worried about it being ok to fail.

As leaders, it’s not just about being able to do something perfectly. It’s also about showing your team that you can fall, and get right back up.

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