The Leadership Equation: Technical Brilliance + People Skills

I was recently coaching an incredibly gifted leader who had cracked an intricate technical challenge. The solution was brilliant – something nobody else within their organization could have devised.

But here’s the twist: when this solution was presented to others in the organization who needed to implement it or agree to it, it wasn’t met with applause but with skepticism. Some even questioned the leader’s decision to tackle this issue.

The leader, understandably perplexed, asked: “I solved the problem, didn’t I?”

Yes, they did. But herein lies the lesson: solving a problem is just half the battle. The other half? Integrating the solution with PEOPLE so they have some input and skin in the game.

Technical solutions, no matter how ingenious, can fall flat if they don’t account for the context, insights, and buy-in from the people involved. This leader, like many technically adept individuals transitioning to leadership roles, overlooked the human element.

One of the most valuable insights from this coaching experience was recognizing that leadership problem-solving isn’t just about the “what” (the solution), but also the “how” (the approach) and “who” (the people).

How have you integrated others into a complex solution?

Coaching Consultation

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