Time for this old dog to learn some new tricks

I recently got back from an annual snowboarding trip with some friends I’ve known since I was in high school and college. We’ve been doing this trip together for about 15 years and a lot has changed in that timeframe – jobs, kids, marriage, etc.

There are also things that I could do on the slopes 15 years ago that don’t work as well today. Those jumps that I used to hit (and land) with ease. Not as easy anymore.

I know this because I tried them – against my better judgment.

It didn’t feel quite right and I was risking hurting myself.

The truth is I was trying to live up to an earlier/different version of myself.

Why? That’s a good question. I think I was focused too much on the past and not enough on what I enjoy about riding the mountain today.

It was time for me to learn (and be comfortable with) who I am on the mountain today. Which is exploring the glades, doing some nice carves, and picking up some speed.

This is a lesson not confined to snowboarding. As leaders, we sometimes go back to the same old tricks, even if they’re not giving us the results we want.

Maybe they worked in the past, but they’re not giving us the results we want – or need – today.

It’s time to adapt and find what works for us now.

How have you had to adapt your approaches?

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