You Are Not Fired!

Early in my career I really messed something up on an important project and I thought for sure I would be fired.

But I wasn’t…thanks to my boss… and that lesson has stayed with me throughout my career.

I realized I made the mistake before my boss did.I was terrified of telling them. So I spent a couple of hours thinking of all the ways I could fix it without me having to come clean.

But I couldn’t figure anything out.

Then I remembered what they told me when I started – “I can’t help you if I don’t know what’s going on. And my job is to help you.”

It sounded great.

But I wasn’t sure I believed it.

I bit the bullet and told them about the mistake. And to my surprise, they had my back. They immediately jumped into  “let’s fix it mode.”

I was feeling much better.

But before it could be fixed, my boss’s boss needed to know too. Now I was feeling scared again.

We were all in a meeting together and my boss did something that I found remarkable – they didn’t blame me – they took accountability for my mistake!

Later I asked them why they did that and they said “I’m responsible for making sure you’re successful. Yes, you could have done some things to avoid this mistake, but that’s also on me for not teaching you.”

This whole experience really stuck with me and is a lesson I’ve tried to carry with me throughout my career.

Strong leaders have the backs of their employees…even when they screw up. Don’t blame. Don’t point fingers. Figure out how to fix things. Your people will appreciate the backing and be even more motivated to succeed. I know I was.

And another lesson learned for young people in the workforce–everyone makes mistakes. Don’t hide it. Be transparent and help find a solution so that the problem doesn’t happen again.

Coaching Consultation

Even the best leaders in the world struggle at times with the weight of the responsibilities of being a leader. You know this too! It’s hard work to balance it all and know what approach is the best one to meet your objectives while being a supportive leader for your team. But the best leaders don’t do it alone – they seek help from experts who can guide them to become the leader they want to be. Now, you can do the same by booking a free consult with me where I’ll help you get on the path to becoming a stronger leader.

Because I hold these calls personally, there are very few spots available, so if you’re serious about growing your business and would like the guidance and support of a trained expert, use the calendar provided to apply for your session now.

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